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Pre & Post Care

BEFORE your Injection -

1. STOP all supplements /medications containing: Vitamin E, C, fish oil/omega-3, gingko biloba, ginseng, aspirin, ibuprofen (ADVIL), naproxen (ALEVE), anti-inflammatories (CELEBREX) 1 week BEFORE injectables to minimize/avoid bruising. 2. The day of your appointment, clean up your face and avoid wearing make-up to decrease chance of infections. 2. DO NOT drink ALCOHOL the day before the injection to minimize/avoid bruising. 3. EAT and HYDRATE at least 1 hour before your appointment. 4. Re-schedule your appointment if: you have a cold sore (lip fillers), acute illness, rashes, fever, dental work or not feeling well.

AFTER your Injection -

Post Neuromodulator (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport) Injection: - It can take 3-7 days to start seeing results - Full effect in 14-30 days. - Stay UPRIGHT (do not BEND over or LAY DOWN) x 4 hours post injection. - Do not massage the area x 4 hours. - Do not apply make up for the rest of the day. - Avoid Exercise, hot tubs, saunas and excessive sweating post- injection. Post Dermal Filler Injection: - DO NOT SLEEP on your face, SLEEP on your BACK x 24-48 hours - DO NOT apply make -up for 24 hours after injection. - DO NOT drink ALCOHOL the day of the injection x 24 hours - You can start your supplements after 2-3 days if no bruising. - AVOID doing vigorous exercise after the injection until the next day. - You can apply ice/cold pack and apply ARNICA MONTANA gel to area. - Benadryl or Tylenol can be taken to minimize discomfort and swelling. - Avoid HOT beverages after lip injections (Day of injection) POSSIBLE ADVERSE EFFECTS If you suffer from visual difficulties/pain or shortness of breath call 911 or go to ER. LIPS: - Swelling (MOST COMMON) and sensitivity: will last approx. 2-3 days, you can use a cool pack + Benadryl. - Bruising: can last up to 1 week or so. (VERY COMMON) - BUMPS/LUMPS (early): gentle massage and warm compresses should help. Call Us if any questions - Allergic reaction: swelling (severe), itchy. Take Benadryl and call us. - Late nodules (months after injectable): come for follow up. - Filler will set in 2 weeks. CHEEKS: - Soreness, bumps in site of injection are the most common. It will improve after a few days to 2 weeks. - Sleep on back! X 24-48 h CHIN: - Soreness, pressure, burning, swelling, bruising: will improve over 3-7 days. You can take Tylenol or Advil for pain. NOSE: - Mild soreness, swelling, bruising. - Avoid using glasses for 2-3 days after filler. - Tip of nose can feel sore for up to 2 weeks post- injection.