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Welcome to JNY Skin Club!

If there is one thing we know about skin, it's that a consistent and effective skincare routine is essential. That's why we're happy to offer the JNY skin club, where there is a membership option to help with each client's individual skin goals. With each membership you will receive membership pricing on Allumier MD skincare products and or dermal filler treatments to further assist you in achieving your skin goals. A consultation will be done in the clinic to ensure you select the best membership for you.

Check out our memberships!


Refresh Membership

Great for clients looking to firm their skin, improve tone and lymphatic drainage. With the addition of a chemical peel and the right skin product your skin complexion will start to glow.

3 month Membership $150/month: 

1 rejuvastem treatment and 1 chemical peel, 15% of Allumier Md skin care products 

6 month Membership $150/month:

1 rejustem tretament, 1 chemical peel20% off Allumier skin care 5 or 10% off dermal filler treatments

***if not a candidate for chemical peels can substitute for an additional rejuvastem treatment ***

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Renew Membership

Great for those clients wanting to improve skin texture, sun damage, vascular lesions and certain pigmentation. Enhance the treatment with a chemical peel to improve overall complexion.


3 month Membership $250/month:

250 1 Lumecca treat (IPL) to area of your choice, chemical peel and 15 % of Allumier skin care products

6 month Membership $250/month:

250 same as above but 20 % off Allumier and 5 or 10% off dermal filler treatments

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Resurface Membership

For those clients that want to help boost their collagen, treat textural changes, fine wrinkles, acne scars and enlarged pores.


3 month Membership 250$/ month:
1 Microneedling with serum, chemical peel, 15% Allumier

6 month Membership $250/ month:

1 Microneedling with serum, chemical peel,20 % Allumier and 5 or 10% off dermal fillers


***add on PRP for $75.00 more***

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